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Nicole Daulton


Nicole DaultonNicole Daulton, founder of Red Stiletto investments and visionary of the “Key West on Main” development. Nicole is a single mother of 3 children who has been a real estate investor for over 10 years. Nicole also brings her 15 years experience of fashion design into each home she designs working hand in hand with her builder to create these charming luxurious homes.

Nicole was inspired when vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard for the concept of Key West on Main.

“Everyone said we must go see the “Gingerbread Houses” in Martha’s Vineyard”. When I saw them I was I awe of the charming, old world feel as I saw the people in their rocking chairs sipping cold drinks while watching the life of the city before them. Each home had a unique character and feel. But no matter what, it was a staple of the community. I wanted to bring that iconic character with a modern twist to the development opportunity in Safety Harbor.”

  • Founder of Red Stiletto Investments, Key West on Main
  • Licensed Realtor
  • Member of Pinellas County Real Estate Organization
  • Member of Safety Harbor Chamber of Commerce
  • Resident of Safety Harbor, Fl for over 10 years
  • Over 10 years experience in investing in Real Estate
  • Fashion/jewelry Designer for 15 years

Robert D. Krieff


robert-krieffBob Krieff is a major presence in Florida real estate, with over 35 years of experience as a home builder and developer, as well as serving the professional building community in highly visible and various leadership positions. Bob has a record of outstanding achievement building public and private enterprises committed to affordable housing, customer satisfaction, employee development and growth.

His vast experience as a home builder and developer, Bob served as the President of the Builders Association of South Florida; Area Vice President of the Florida Home Builders Association; Director, National Association of Home Builders; Chairman of the Broward County Building and Zoning Code Enforcement Board; Executive Committee Member of the Advisory Board of Florida International University, College of Engineering and Design; Executive Committee Member, Affordable Housing Task Force, appointed by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners; Committee Member, appointed by Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners to Restructure the Miami-Dade County Building Department, and has served on other regional and national boards and advisory panels. Bob has a Bachelor of Arts degree and postgraduate studies in Educational Psychology from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. He is a recipient of the Builders Association of South Florida Builder of The Year Award and since 1979 is a State of Florida certified residential contractor.